Initial Consultation

I will come to your house or office for an initial overview of your intended project. This meeting typically lasts 1-2 hours. In that time I will walk with you through all areas of your home to discuss your decorating needs. In the case of commercial decorating, I will review project plans and architectural designs, designate location of project and discuss project needs.

This initial consultation provides a no risk opportunity for us to meet each other and determine how your project needs will be met.

Phase 1

Once we have decided to go forward, Phase One will be implemented by taking photographs of pertinent areas so that I can follow through with specific plans. A written response will be sent to you along with an estimated budget for your project.

The response generally provides you with an outline of the design plans and will act as a guide through out the project. A complementary follow-up meeting is provided to give you an opportunity to give feedback as well as ask any questions regarding the design plan and budget.

Phase 2

During this phase of the project, paint selections, space planning, and project selections will be made. I will present you with a comprehensive selection of fabrics, colors, finishes, furniture, styles, etc.

Phase 3

The installation process is usually handled as items are received. By request, it is possible to install an entire room, entire home or commercial project at one time. I realize the design process can be intimidating.

My goal is to lead you step by step through the project. My relationship with clients is truly ongoing. I will work with you to ensure that your goals are achieved in a cost effective and timely basis. Most projects can be completed in stages to accommodate your needs.

The key to any successful decorating project is Communication. The benefit to you is time savings and organization. You can relax as I help you meet your decorating goals one by one or all together.

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